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Amp with Bluetooth for Dorm Room

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  • Amp with Bluetooth for Dorm Room

    Looking for a small amp for granddaughters dorm room with Bluetooth capability.m It is not to be a dormblaster so 5 to 10 watts will more than suffice. Using a set of book shelf speakers I build for her. FM is not necessary. See 3 choices.

    1) Dayton audio DAT-2.1 (300-3831) but will not use the sub output. $84.00
    2) Pyle PFA330BT (310-2658) $44.00
    3) Pyle PCA2 (310-2000) $36.00 A poster in the comments stated they have added Bluetooth and FM; that info in not in PE's write up regarding the amp.

    Edit - Speaker cabinets already built, they are to small for the plate amp.
    Wood shop closed, cannot build speaker cabinet so no build sub.

    Thanks for the early comments,

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    I'd got with the 2.1 amp and build her a sub :-)
    Brian Steele


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      I'd buy the Dayton. Subs don't have to be big. Tyger 23's Mariposas and DanP's NRNP sub, passive edition.


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        Build this into the speakers


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          Don't laugh, but I think this should be a contender...

          Do you have a soldering iron? Here it is in PE kit form:

          *Enough power for a set of bookshelf speakers,
          *A real volume knob!!!
          *Remote Control (the leads on the IR receiver can be extended 5-6 inches at least with no problem)
          *USB input for MP3's on flash-drive or to charge phone
          *3.5mm input to connect to laptop audio output
          *One of the built-in EQ settings actually boosts the bass nicely, the rest are rubbish though.
          *The novelty of such big sound coming from such a tiny little board

          *Supposedly cuts the bass under 70 Hz, but I've not observed that myself.
          *Needs some type of assembly.

          I've used it several times and it's really pretty nifty. No problem with heat either. I really like it, especially for the money.

          Alternatively, this amp is pretty good...
          It will drive a set of Overnight Sensations to very loud levels and has a non-Class D sound to it, warm-ish in other words, pretty nice overall.

          oops, just realized, it doesn't have bluetooth, it can be added easily though.

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            Originally posted by Brian Steele View Post
            I'd got with the 2.1 amp and build her a sub :-)

            Dorm room, 5 to 10 W is sufficient. Not in any of the drom rooms I was around in my youth - doesn't seem realistic to me. The 2.1 amp with its 24 V PS will provide 33 W rms into each 8 ohm speaker.. Double that for 4 ohm speakers. Adding a sub down the line will provided added output as well.