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Parts Express Solstice kit - front curved baffle & cabinet

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    Originally posted by djg View Post
    The Solstice crossover schematic is in the assembly manual including values. I saw it The OP has every opportunity to restore the XO as designed or leave as is. Based on Mr. Bagby's reputation, I would build it as he designed it. Not how some flakey dude bodged it.

    I think I'd also clean that XO PCB, it's filthy.
    Thats the endeavor - to build it as Mr JB designed it.

    Will keep you all posted on the sound and the the completed speaker.

    Thank you


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      Sorry to all, but NOW the "onsite" .PDF file DOES contain the XO schemo.
      My (orig?) "assembly guide" (from 2017) does NOT.


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        No worries Chris..

        you have a good day ahead of you!


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          Finally - the Solstices are home - its been about 10 days now and about 15 hours on them now

          These are 2nd hand drivers so i dont think "burn in " will matter too much

          I did revert to the original cross over as per design.

          The sound is open and good bass ( i removed the subwoofer - and am trying to live without it ) and very clean in mid range

          Its not warm sounding but not cold sounding too...

          It manages to connect the HF / midrange + LF very well such that the music is held together and good recordings are amply rewarded while poor recordings
          are made apparent.

          ( no problem )

          The MLTL bass is a bit different from the bass offered by the earlier combo of Merlin TSM BME + 18 inch subwoofer but i am a guy who likes al flavors of ice cream - so no problems for me.

          for what its worth - My amp is a Naim Supernait 2 and the CD player is a Philips CD 960.

          Use a Lenco L75 turntable as well ( the red one in the pic )

          Am busy exploring my music collection once again !

          The Mitsubishi Tuner democratizes ( is there such a word ? ) music and my folks enjoy the radio too..

          Thank you Mr Jeff Bagby for this wonderful and simple design.

          Hope you will be happy to see this picture of your design in a far away land.

          RIP sir

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            djg commented
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            That is all very nice. Enjoy.