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DS135 or DSA135?

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  • DS135 or DSA135?

    Which one of the above would you suggest, given that it's going into a ~7 litre box and being matched with a Tang Band 28-847SE tweeter?

    DS135-8 -
    DSA135-8 -


    Yes, the tweeter is no longer available. I bought two of them about 12 and a half years (!) ago, but ended up using something else in that project.

    Oh, I also noticed that matching PRs are available for both the DS135 and DSA135 drivers. Given the size of the box and the resulting iddy-biddy vent requirement, I'm tempted to try out a PR alignment with this rebuild. It would be my first (I've considered them in the past, but always eventually went with a vent instead due to the additional cost of the PR). Do you know of any projects that used the DS(A)135/DS(A)135 PR combo?
    Brian Steele

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    I did a design with the DS135-8 a year or two ago, and I was not impressed.

    If you can do 8-9 liters net, the Peerless 830860 is an amazing woofer in that size.

    Here's a monitor I have designed with it and the Fountek NeoX2.0.

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      Unfortunately, the box size is fixed. In fact, once the drivers and x-over are added, the net volume might work out to be slightly less than 7 litres net.

      What didn't you like about the DS135 ?
      Brian Steele


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        Hard to describe what I didn't like, just lifeless I guess, it gets the job done, but not enthusiastically :-)

        In 7L, don't expect much from a 5", I would go with a 4", like the SB12PFCR25-4, it rocks in 6.5-7L. Easy to work with.

        Or the Hivi M5N/M5A if you absolutely want a 5", Scott Sehlin (spell?) has a design called the Mercury in 7L.


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          Unfortunately, the boxes are already made (they were made at least 15 years ago, but that's a whole other story). Any woofer I put in there has to fill a mounting hole that's 112 mm in diameter. the DS135 and DSA135 are basically perfect fits for the job.
          Brian Steele


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            Since their T/S parms indicate (basically) identical bass performance "in-box" (they should do a strong 70Hz w/a 1.5"id x 5" long port - even adding a couple dBSC, but 60 will probably be a stretch - I'd need a sub w/those), I'd defer to their FR plots. Both have a resonance peak about +5dB above their nominal SPL. It's lower (but broader) w/the paper cone, running from 3.5-5kHz. The DSA reaches higher (cleaner), but probably needs a notch at its 8k peak. The paper cone can probably use a simpler XO. That'd be my pick (but they are VERY similar).


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              Thanks Chis.

              Now I'm really leaning towards the PR option, as a 5" vent will be jutting up against the Tang Band tweeter's behind :-).

              A subwoofer is definitely going to be used with these.

              Concerning the FR, the TB tweeter, with its 850 Hz Fs, can be used down to pretty low, so I'll be likely crossing them over around 1.5~2kHz, so the broader peak of the DSA135 @3kHz might be a bigger worry than the 8kHz peak of the DSA135.

              Brian Steele


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                Can't speak for the 5", but I spent a lot of time designing around the paper and aluminum cone 6.5". The paper cone had serious problems that the addition of an aluminum cone (and possibly the copper cap, although the impedance curve doesn't have any obvious indications that the copper is doing all too much) seems to have fixed. I'd vote for the aluminum model.
                Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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                  Thanks, I am leaning towards the aluminum-coned version (though some of the comments on that version suggest that the paper version might be better, LOL).

                  It just occurred to me that this "rebuild" project is going to cost quite a bit more than my Mission 751 rebuild project, which used the DC130A-8 (~$20) and the Peerless OC25SC65-04 ($8). The TB tweeter alone was almost the cost of those two drivers, and that was 13 years ago when I bought them...
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                  Brian Steele