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Parts Express The only online payment method paypal!

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  • Parts Express The only online payment method paypal!

    Parts Express The only online payment method paypal!
    Is there no other payment method?
    I have put the required kits in the shopping cart and encountered difficulties when checking out, is there no payment method other than paypal?

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    I have settled the payment method!
    Hope to receive the goods within 30 days,
    Build them in the next 3 months.
    I bought a lot of accessories
    Click image for larger version

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      I'm guessing you're going to build Paul Carmody's Classix II speakers?

      If so, you'll love them!



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        You are so good eyesight
        I bought
        2 sets of Overnight Sensation accessories,
        1 set of Classix II accessories.
        I originally wanted to buy a set of "Zingers", but I have some questions about the size of the "Zingers" box (actually I didn't figure out the internal support structure), and the vents are on the side (I don't think it feels very traditional) In fact, I am very much like building a pair of "Zingers".
        I really hope to build him.
        I should also be a fan of Paul and Wolf!


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          It's DIY, build as you wish. Within the design constraints.


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            djg, thanks
            I have checked your cabinet material in the forum. I found some small wooden linings, but I don't know where he needs to prevent. I think he is inside, but there seems to be no specific information.
            I finally saw the installation location of the port from your build thread,I may not have seriously checked the post before (in fact, I did not search for your post).
            In wolf's post, only the internal dimensions are provided, so for a novice like me, it seems that there are still some difficulties. But I will continue to collect relevant information!
            I may need to use SketchUp to construct a drawing first, and ask wolf to help me check whether it is correct (if he happens to see my post and is free again).


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              I understand the language barrier. Or not. I draw on legal pads, SketchUp does make pretty pictures. My version of Wolf's Zingers has the same baffle width, driver layout, cabinet volume and port dimensions as his. I made it shorter and deeper for my tastes. I also added the vintage style recessed baffle with a raised edge purely for style. It is not good for sound, I'm told (repeatedly).

              I used 3/4" particle board, finished with PSA paper backed Mahogany veneer. PSA pressure sensitive adhesive.

              The cabinet is large enough that it does need bracing. Mine is minimal by today's standards. I am happy with my results and how they sound. It is a very simple project compared to some of Wolf's other efforts. I'm sure you could make a pair, and I believe you would like the results.


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                Your front bezel is very well handled, so you can protect the speaker. There are two little children in my family. I also hope so.


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                  The side ports are so they can be placed against the wall in my garage. Rear ports are perfectly acceptable. I tried to make the project easy to build:

                  - square-edges on the baffles
                  - square edges on the ports
                  - bracing that ties in all walls if at all possible. Basically it's a "+" shape from the front to tie in the top/bottom/sides. There are then a couple extensions to tie the baffles to the bracing both below the woofer and between the drivers.
                  - 6 part xover
                  - options of bookshelf or tower boxes.

                  The reason for inner dims is for the volume to remain the same and build around it. The material utilized makes the difference in the outside dims.

                  Anything else?

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