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Mayo in an MDF sandwich

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  • Mayo in an MDF sandwich

    So I'm going to glue two sheets of MDF together, 1/4" and 1/2" to get 3/4" thick material for my Continuum build. The reason will be clear once I start posting photos. Not entire 2 x 4 panels, but approximately a 6" wide piece on to a 8" wide piece. For the top bottom and sides. The front and back are to be solid cherry.

    Any way, I am soliciting advice on what adhesive. These are fairly big areas where air will not penetrate to dry any adhesive such as Titebond. I'm thinking epoxy, after sanding the rather shiny factory finish off.

    Any other method anyone here might have used? Any construction adhesive recommendations? Construction adhesive would be cheaper than epoxy. Anyone ever do contact adhesive? Mostly worried any air dry adhesive won't dry where air can't reach. I'm not trying to do a constrained layer project.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Double sided carpet tape? My PSA veneer projects have all held up well.


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      I've laminated MDF sheets with titebond with no issues - In fact, my first speaker project ever, a 3cf (read - big panels) sub for an NHT1259 was 2 pieces of 3/4" MDF laminated together, and it's going as strong as it was in 2003. I didn't even spread it at the time, but now I'd use a glue roller.


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        Nothing like overthinking a job. Thanks.

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      Yeah, Titebond should work OK, if you want to use it. Might take a day or two to dry completely. Definitely do yourself a favor and use a roller.


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        Titebond will work fine for this. Ive done it many times. Adam, and Fpitas speak truth... using a roller will give you an even coat. Use a lot of glue, it needs to be fairly thick I've found.
        you don't need a ton of pressure, just even pressure.
        I sand the mating pieces with medium grit before gluing. You will have a piece that is probably stronger than a solid piece would be, with a resonance higher than a solid piece.

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          I used almost a gallon of Titebond bonding up the2x 1" thick laminated 2' x 4' HDF panels for the pending Tandems project. So far so good...
          I basically laid a heavy stream down the middle, and used a scrap of MDF as a trowel to spread it out.

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            What are you all trying to say? Titebond? OK.


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              I've used gorilla wood glue and a roller with no issues.


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                Epoxy Click image for larger version

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                  Originally posted by tomzarbo View Post
                  Titebond is good.
                  It's hard to beat for gluing wood. I normally use PL Premium, but mainly because it will fill gaps from my less-than-stellar woodworking.


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                    Here's the stackup: cherry trim, ply spacer, cleat and 1/2" MDF on the 1/4" MDF. Spacers need a bit of tweaking.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0020.JPG Views:	0 Size:	427.8 KB ID:	1444806


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                      So, ignoring all your expert advice, I went for some double sided vinyl flooring tape. Very aggressive. Not really tape, just adhesive left when the backing is peeled.

                      Fast and clean, remains to be seen.

                      I'll continue the construction in my Continuum thread.

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                        You might get some extra panel damping that way, too.