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  • On Line Hearing Test

    Just found this web site on diyAudio. Assuming I copied it correctly it is self calibrated by the user by using the rubbing of your hands together in front of your nose to set the audio level of the test tones. My test was what I expected; loss of high frequency due to age.


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    If you're interested in some hearing/listening tests (both for testing your speakers and testing your ears), the website has a large variety as well as built-in blind testing for many of them. I can't remember if it's something I stumbled onto while searching or if somebody here suggested it, so I apologize if I'm forgetting to credit someone.
    Here's a link directly to the standardized hearing test, but there's obviously a lot more if you get curious and start digging around the site:

    EDIT: it looks like they accept donations, but otherwise don't have commercials nor "nag"-screens or anything like that. It's kinda nice to not feel heckled by adds or popups. They also link over to at the end of theirs because of the differences in tones being used (pulsed sine VS warble), so that was neat to see.
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