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Dayton ND91 and a slot port?

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  • Dayton ND91 and a slot port?

    I can't find any builds where someone used a slot port for the ND91, just round ports and passive radiators. Well, anybody tried it yet?

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    The ND91-8 would like 0.10cf w/a slot that's 3.75"w X 3/8"h X 11"deep (long).
    Will take 20w down to 50Hz around 93-94dB.


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      Thanks Chris! What do you think about a .052cf cab and 3.75" w X 1/4"h X 8.8"d port tuned to about 71Hz?

      Also, it's for a soundbar setup and would be used with a powered sub.


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        WDYTA a 3/8"h x 14"d (long) slot?
        OR (since you've got a sub), why not just sealed (F3 near 110 instead of 70)?


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          I suppose I could go sealed...Scott used a round port for his Helium bar and my plan was to replace the round port with a slot. I want to make a thinner and longer version of his original design.


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            This is for a TCP115-4 but an ND91 would work in the same. 6x6x6 external cube, 1/2" MDF, 1/4" slot port with 1/4" for the slot walls. There is a 1/2" wide 1/4" MDF strip the full length of the vent to provide consistent spacing, a little bracing, and to cut the area a bit to keep the length to 16" long. I built it as a comparison against a similar cube with the same driver and a pair of DSA115-PR passives. I preferred the vent.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2696.JPG Views:	0 Size:	595.7 KB ID:	1445102

            Click image for larger version

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