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BSC help for Peerless 830986 full range project

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  • BSC help for Peerless 830986 full range project


    Curious what the views are of the forum, i noticed the devialet phantom reactor, which is a little different to the norm being a mono setup, but i went down the damn rabbit hole and started designing my own inspired take on it. Yes it wont have 2 sub woofers on the side nor providing 900watts of something, but i did try the Peerless 830986 3 inch woofer and have it in a 0.09-0.1 cuft enclosure (still working out the sizing to fit on my 3d printer). The subs will be replaced by the two 3.5inch Peerless Passive radiators that i've never had a use for as they didnt work out on the previous builds i tried them on (drivers too small), but seem like a perfect match for this full range driver. The intention is to run it off a 12v bluetooth Amplifier (which i already have) which assumes 2x20 watts on a 4ohm driver, or i can put more juice into it and take it upwards of 24v, but....going to try a 3S arrangment (sourcing a different BMS circuit). I've put them into a sheet of carboard, fixed to a partially constructed wood enclosure as a test rig, with duct tape to try and get it sealed.

    Sounded pretty good considering the mono setup, carboard baffle and run off my 12v power brick, but not sure if it would benefit having a BSC. I already have a 2.5mh iron core inductor, not sure if i could utilise this and just add a capacitor with it, if the BSC is a good option. .

    Parts i have and using.

    1x 3 inch full range.
    2x 3.5inch Passive Radiator

    I hate to say it, but this is becoming a habit and i dont have enough ears to use all these things........either way i'm getting a bit of use out of the 3d printer and learning new things along the way.
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    Your iron core value is too high for this project. I'd try 0.5-0.6mh parallel with a 12ohm resistor.


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      If you tune your box to the upper 70s, your box should yield about +3dBSC. A 3n(ohm) resistor in parallel w/your 2.5mH coil will give another +3dB between about 100Hz and 1000Hz.
      Jake's suggestion yields +6dBSC between roughly 400Hz to 4000Hz. That's probably too high of a step freq., that ends up going too far (IF your box gives you 3dB more).

      It depends. You might like the sound of either one better, or not care for either one. (Like Craig says, you won't find the answer in SB201.)


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        Thanks guys, I think I'll like to only buy resistor and give it a go. I've started the 3d print but it's going to take a few 10 hour days so will have to wait for the weekends or work from home days.

        Worst case is I don't like it and try Jake's option.

        I think a boost in the mid to low end of town is needed in case my enclosure is a bit smaller than anticipated.

        Still a fun little project this one, doing up the designs a printing them is quite cool, feel like I'm prototyping up a storm.