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  • OT computer question

    Last week my computer stopped functioning after I did a bios update. I couldn't do anything with it and took it to a shop, where the tech told me it was loaded with malware, which he cleaned out. This was despite using an up to date Bitdefender program that I liked because of the interface.
    I had kept this machine on W7 and used older Office software so that it would be compatible with Jeff Bagby's programs.
    However since this malware problem, my son the geek said W10 was much safer, so I upgraded to W10 pro.
    To my surprise, the programs appear to load normally, although I have not tried to run anything to really test it out. I did not upgrade Office, its still the older one. Is it possible that this will run normally with the arrangement I now have? (The bios update appears not to have been the culprit!)

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    Yes, my version of MS Office 2007 appears to run fine in my current Windows 10 OS.

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      Just in case you ever need it, Windows 10 has "Compatibility Mode."

      You can set Windows 10 compatibility mode with the following steps.

      Step 1: After finding the executable file or shortcut file of the software program, right click click on the file and choose the Properties option from the pop-up menu.

      Step 2: In the Properties window, click on Compatibility.

      Step 3: Under the Compatibility mode part, check the Run this program in compatibility mode for box to go on.

      Step 4: Choose the version of Windows to run the software program from the drop-down checkbox.

      Step 5: Finally, click on OK button to save the change and exit the operation.


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        Thanks guys


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          I have MS Iffice 2007 running on my W10 machines too ... no problem and glad to hear Jeff's program will run on it.