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Searching desperately for J. Hidley's "2nd_order_HP_filter_calculator.xls" file.

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    Nevermind! I was able to use the Way Back Machine to find some old copies of his website that were indexed by a web crawler. I downloaded the files I needed as well as several others in case I ever need them for reference. Horay! I immediately made a cloud back-up of the files as well. There's the saying that "nothing ever gets deleted from the internet," but it's crazy how close to "disappearing" some old web documents are.

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  • Searching desperately for J. Hidley's "2nd_order_HP_filter_calculator.xls" file.

    I'm going insane trying to track down a copy of the old "2nd_order_HP_filter_calculator.xls" Excel spreadsheet that J. Hidley created quite a few years back. I desperately need it and can't figure out where I have it saved for the life of me. I've also searched high and low on the internet to no avail. The only mention of it I find inevitably leads to his original site, which has been down for a long time.

    The original URL to the spreadsheet was but the site is long gone. Does anyone have a copy of this file that they would be willing to share with me? I'd be forever grateful!