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Center Speaker to match Carrera Speakers

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  • Center Speaker to match Carrera Speakers

    Hi guys,

    I mostly listen to 2 channel audio but have become increasingly frustrated with movie soundtracks where the dialogue is hard to follow. I invested in a fairly budget but well reviewed Yamaha AV receiver (RXV385). I will continue to use my HIFI amp for music and have made a switch to easily move between the 2 amps for HT and music.

    Currently I am using an off the shelf speaker as a center but am looking to make one to go with Paul Carmody's Carrera Speakers. I don't think I will be super picky about matching but don't want to be a million miles out. Being totally honest I am not knowledgeable in how to match L and R with center by looking at all the various graphs! For audio I love the the Carreras but for movies I just need something reasonable, does not have to be top of the line if you get my drift.

    So far I have thought about the OS MTM, OS center MMTMM, Avia Trix MTM (I do have a spare Dayton Audio RS28A-4 so wonder if I could use that for the aviatrix as well, although the design specifies a RS28F-4).

    My AV receiver is only capable of running 6 ohm loads so that is a big consideration, not sure it'd be OK with OS mtm...

    Any thoughts on this?

    I am also planning on building a pair of OS for the rear surrounds.

    The room is not very big - approx 4m x 8m. The center would be on top of TV table approx 60 cm depth - TV will be wall mounted. The table will be against the wall.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Also come across the speedster center channel here but not much info on this one:


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      I would try to match the x-over point, and type. Looks like 4th order at about 2.5k. The amount of baffle step compensation is important too. The location of the center sometimes makes them sound a bit heavy, and slow. If you have bass, and treble controls for the center, this will be less important. An mtm with 4 ohm woofers, and any good tweeter should work well.

      This might be a good woofer choice.


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        Hi rpb. Thanks for your response. I'm looking to use a design rather than start from scratch as I have yet to learn the technicalities of speaker design.

        Do you think the match below could work? I'm guessing you're looking at the crossover point which seems quite different for these 2 speakers. What impact will that have on listening impressions?

        Thanks for helping out a novice!


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          If the polarity of the tweeter is the same in both, it should be fine. The phase should be close if possible. It may work well even if these things differ, but the more similar they are, the better the odds I think.. I've had good centers that were different. I change stuff a lot, so it's hard to always have a matching center.