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Do I need a protection capacitor for a full range?

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    So you are using these in a 4L sealed or ported box (port length, size?)

    I'm really not sure what to do about the boomyness. The only thing I can figure is to stuff it with more polyfill. I'm not sure if adding a vent will help or not and VtuixCAD2 can't simulate high qts drivers in their enclosure tool simulator...


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      You can use either Unibox or WinISD to simulate the boxes. I built the boxes as ported, but I ended up sealing them because the bass reinforcement on the wall was a bit more than I wanted, at the expense of a few Hz of low end extension. I just plugged the port with some closed cell foam. If the box is full with foam, I'm not sure more foam would help, but a denser OPEN CELL foam may help - I can't remember the brand but there's some stuff that grayish-blue that's pretty dense. YOu can see the comparison of ported vs. sealed in my thread. Ported rolls off lower.


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        I just made that decision. I used Unibox or WinISD to simulate blocks. As for me, this was the best solution. But I wasn't worth the box, I bought the pre-made speakers from This saved me a lot of time and effort. Everything works and there are no voltage changes
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          I see here folks are experiencing the"joy" of full range drivers. Well, physics just does not like to work over about a decade. I spent a lot of time with Fountek , Mark, Fostex and Dayton to build small full range. Every time wound up with a tweeter.

          Poly fill will make the box seem larger. About 10% usually if done well.

          Do go 8 Ohm.