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    Yes, using the free version of WinIsd. As I prefer low Q sealed boxes, no need for the alternative alignments. I know of them, have used them, C4 usually, but do not care for them. If you want those alignments, then pay the price. With the current auto-eq from AVRs, ( ARS the best) handling the ripple to get a much smaller box I guess is a good thing.

    Had a warbler but somehow lost it. Better than pure tones, but way shy of what MLS does for us. I still have an old "pulser" though I find just guessing offset based on the top of the VC to be very close.

    Big surprise today. Got a pair of Dayton RS150-4 drivers for my center. ( mains are RS150-8) I have used about 6 pairs of RS drivers in the past and measured parameters were well within expected and had little effect on box alignment. Not so these. So far off, calculated box volume is DOUBLE. Le is less than half. fs about 20% high, Qes, Qms over 20% and that is after a day of break in. Not happy. I;ll be contacting them. Weak magnet? Chinese job shop changed the materials? Won't work for my space. I hope I don't have to change to the new SB ceramic drivers. Better than I need for this project. Bad luck, got my tweeter from Madisound and it was badly packages. Flange was busted. Destroyed. Verified my measurements by re-measuring one of my old RS125's. Same as last time and close to published specs.

    VIsta? Come on, Win 10 is not THAT bad. Sure, we liked XP better, but such is life. Actually,my favorite was IRIX. I save my hate not for MS, but for AIX.