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WinISD Pro malware

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  • WinISD Pro malware

    Went to check out WinISD Pro as I run the old non-pro version. Blocked due to malware the first place I found. Found it on Softpedia and it seems Ok. So, be careful on where you get it. I run MalewareBytes and AVG on this system, Malewarebytes and Avast on my other

    Speaking of security, pretty inexcusable THIS site is not using HTTPS.

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    Thanks Did you download from That’s the publisher’s site.

    The PEDS 2.1 mini system
    My A7 Project - another small desktop speaker
    The B3 Hybrid Dipole - thread incomplete and outdated


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      After the first problem I found just by Google, I went there and it took me to their mirror Softpedia.


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        You can get it from the LinearTeam Facebook page as well.


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          I have a Facebook account, but plan on deleting it. My first one got pirated by some Chinese punk and FB won;t give ANY help in stopping it. I thought once I had another account, I could find a way to kill the first or at least stop it from sending all it's messages to my mail, but no luck. I will continue to absolutely hate Facebook and the owner.