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Subwoofer box installed inside of cabinet? 60s era cabinet rebuild

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  • Subwoofer box installed inside of cabinet? 60s era cabinet rebuild

    I’m rebuilding/updating an old stereo cabinet (60s era) and have some questions on mounting a subwoofer enclosure inside the console. I’ve picked up an older receiver and some decent speakers on a budget (Denon AVR 1913 receiver and Sonance MAG6R speakers). I have a sub and amp coming (Dayton 10” Classic and 100 watt plate amp). They are already in an enclosure, I’d like to mount this inside of my console. My initial thought was to cut out a hole in the bottom and back (or side) to accommodate the driver and vent (I think it’s a down fire). Would this work, or should I just pull out the driver and amp and build my own enclosure in the console?

    Thanks in advance!

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      If the sub would fit as is, I would try to get away without cutting holes in that nice console. The sound will get out the back.


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        You didn't say you're using a TT, but if you did, the sub-in-the-box would likely make it skip.
        It's really cool how the ends are cantilevered out so far - never really saw that before.


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          Well, if I were planning on adding a subwoofer to an older stereo console, I'd mass load that console up the but, seriously like two hundred pounds, otherwise it will resonate like a pig.


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            The console is pretty beefy currently, I’d say in the 150 lbs range with all the components I currently have installed, plus another 25-30 with the sub and plate amp when they arrive. It wouldn’t be hard to add some more mass if I need to.

            Do you think I could get away with just mounted the sub feet in the cabinet so it doesn’t vibrate and let the sound come out of the rear of the console?

            Also, I don’t currently have a turn table, but had planned to add one later (not currently in the budget). The old turntable was in the top left opening, sub would be in the bottom right. Can I shock mount the turn table or add more mass to prevent it skipping?


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              Unless you seriously isolate the turntable, it will pick up all the subwoofer vibrations. You ask us what to do, we can only make an educated guess, you'll just have to try something out and see if it works, then if that doesn't work, you'll have to try something else. Trial and error.

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            You could put the sub on the floor underneath, with the right shape and a low key color, it wouldn't be very visible. Or, set it on a big piece of soft foam in the console.


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              Originally posted by djg View Post
              set it on a big piece of soft foam in the console.
              ^^^ this!


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                Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! The dimensions on the sub box from the supplier will be a very tight fit in the space I have for the sub in the cabinet anyway. Depending on what the actual measured dimensions are when it arrives I may have to build an enclosure in the cabinet in order for it to fit, or I can just use it separately and avoid issues with vibration in the turntable when I eventually get one.