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QUESTION......the 0.1 channel of a 2.1ch setup

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    Originally posted by Dukk View Post
    Interesting. Based on the renderings, I thought it would be longer. How are you going to isolate the small drivers?
    The drawing was about 250mm long, 60mm high and 100mm wide, but that was only 170mm long as I was going to bolt on the ends. Was messing around with a MK2 version last night, made small.cylinders that should be push fit, problem is I need it to be at least 0.004 cuft each which will take 0.01 combined out of the already small enclosure, so will need to think a bit more about space. I'm thinking the CE65 needs at least 0.04cuft

    Not sure if the BF37'S sensitivity is too low and the CE65 may overpower them...maybe I should do a mock cardboard setup first

    I'm 3d printing a tube whilst working from home today where I will mount the driver on one side and these 30mm passives on the other and have it sticking out the back to make it look like a port (round overed edge)
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      i've been watching basketball and thinking, thinking and thinking some more....i'm going to run the CE65 in a 0.04cuft enclosure (might be slightly more) and the BF37's in each a 3d printed tube (0.006cuft each) with a passive radiator/membrane mounted on the rear, with the idea it can be slid through the hole and glued, but independant enclosures within the main. The ultimate box will account for the loss of the tubes and still have an internal volume as listed above.

      I've decided to use the PE 2.1ch amp to power this and swap that out of the ND65 bluetooth setup i was running and put a better combo board in that one.

      Overall the concept has gotten wider and higher than previously suggested and length is slighly less, but still aiming for that 240/250mm length.

      I can see i will get frustrated putting it together due to its size, but hey if i can pull this off it will be potentially a decent small setup.....maybe....hopefully
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        Looking good! Your new thread makes more sense now.