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Q; MiniDSP HD Usage with Integrated Amp

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  • Q; MiniDSP HD Usage with Integrated Amp

    In reviewing the miniDSP HD information it's not clear to me if I can use the device as such:

    SACD/CD player via Toslink -> miniDSP rca out -> integrated amp and active sub.

    The diagrams clearly show the mininDSP acting as preamp and positioned prior to amplification and my integrated amp does not feature pre-out/main- in connections.

    Any feedback before I purchase will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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    In my configuration it's used as a 2 way crossover. As such: preamp-minidsp-two stereo amps, one for the tweeters and one for the woofers. I suppose there is an application for a dsp only (no crossover) function, but still think you need to get between the preamp and amp sections. In the old days, we looped an EQ through the tape monitor loop. But other than vintage stuff, I haven't seen a tape monitor loop in a long time.

    In my Jolida tube integrated amp, I contacted the factory and they told me how to create a set of pre-outs and main ins. actually very easily


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      Thanks for the reply. Not sure I want to start modifying the internals of my integrated amp after having owned it for just a few days.