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Dealing with a large center channel and TV, ideas?

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  • Dealing with a large center channel and TV, ideas?

    I've got a Statement center channel and a fairly standard TV console around 24" tall. I'd been getting by with putting the CC on the console and using the narrow stand on the TV. It looks a bit janky and the TV is about 6 inches too high, but I made it work. Well, my son decided to do some impact testing of the TV this week, and it turned out to be destructive testing :( It's looking like the replacement will have legs that are too widely spaced to use the same setup.

    I'd rather not wall mount, as that would mean that either I go up at least 1 size, maybe 2 to get the same viewing experience because it'd be 18-24" further away. (Gotta give those speakers room to breathe.) I'm trying to find a way to NOT spend several grand on a custom piece of furniture, although I'd love that in the future.

    So, has anyone come up with creative solutions to deal with big center channels? I was wondering, in particular, if anyone has tried to nest a short cabinet (no taller than 16") with the CC on it underneath a very simple table with the TV on it. Thoughts?

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    Get the TV on the wall, as high as it will go. That gives you a much better viewing angle, and plenty of room beneath it to have the center speaker up at the listening axis. Standard TV consoles were made as short as they were because it wasn't practical to place CRT TVs up high. They're just as obsolete as picture tubes. High mounting also protects the TV from children and pets.


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      Please don't mount the TV high enough that you'll get a sore neck (or neck muscle headache) sitting through a full movie though....maybe less of a concern if you usually watch while reclined.
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        If you made a Statement CC you can certainly make a piece of furniture to fit your situation. A temporary fix would be a board or prefinished shelf laid across the top of your CC speaker to give sufficient width for your new TV base. Go from there.

        I would love to put my TV on the wall. It's over a stairwell and would need an outlet installed and a very long HDMI run, and a bigger TV. So I haven't done it.

        My present setup, except have MTM L/R now.

        Click image for larger version

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          They have mounts that extend the Tv away from the wall.


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            I know it's not what you meant, but now I'm imagining a big-ol' mounting extension arm stretching across djg's stairwell to hold that TV in the same place as shown in the picture.

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            Ha! No, that was directed toward OP. He doesn’t want to mount tv to wall since it would change his viewing distance, an extendable mount would fix that problem. Though I would like to see an arm over the steps lol.

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          Originally posted by LOUT View Post
          Please don't mount the TV high enough that you'll get a sore neck (or neck muscle headache) sitting through a full movie though....maybe less of a concern if you usually watch while reclined.
          My 60" is mounted with the top of the screen four inches below the eight foot high ceiling. It's perfect. It's sitting atop my entertainment center that I got 25 years ago, which originally held a 30 inch CRT. I always got a sore neck looking at that TV. When I got my first 48" big screen and it wouldn't fit inside the entertainment center, forcing me to put it on top of it, my neck said 'Thank you!". I filled the old TV hole with shelves.
          I'm imagining a big-ol' mounting extension arm stretching across djg's stairwell to hold that TV in the same place as shown in the picture.
          I imagine it, and the speakers, all on that wall.


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            How about a pole mount that runs up just behind the cabinet? Ive seen two types. Either everything is included and have a large flat paddle-like foot that extends under the console cabinet.. Or just a simple clamp that hangs onto a pole that you supply, then the pole is mount to the back of the cabinet or whatever DIY approach to steady it. Either way should give all the height adjustability needed.


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              I use a simple two shelf entertainment unit in my basement. It's long enough to fit a CC, multiple amps and some baskets for storage. I think that would be easy enough to make.
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                So... the reason I'm looking to buy vs build is twofold:
                1. When I last moved, I lost a real workspace in which to be able to use a table saw, etc.
                2. With small children, the demands on my time and energy aren't really permitting, and I need a quick (at least quick temporary) solution

                Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'd love to hear more.


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                  Could you afford one of those $100-150 common TV stands+consoles you find at many department stores which sell some furnature items?
                  They're typically around 4feet wide with a couple shelves (which may or may not be tall enough for your center but should be plenty for any players/AVRs/game-consoles etc.)....but more importantly they'll include an adjustable "spine" at the back for you to mount the TV. This should let you keep it forward from the wall and stops the TV from getting tipped off the stand (because it's fully'd need to tip the entire stand and console together), and they're height+swivel adjustable so you could put the center on top of the console while adjusting the TV just above it.

                  That all said, if the wall behind the TV and stand is only 1-2feet back from where you'd normally position the TV anyway, I agree with jd12's suggesting of trying a wall-mount that can extend forward from the wall. Those can be found for $50-100 (cheaper than a new TVstand+console thingy) and frees you up to use whatever you'd like for the center-channel you'd be able to go with whatever height you like best (compared to the console which might trap you at the same height you were previously using which you didn't sound super thrilled about).

                  The extending wall-mounts for large TV's usually have a pair of arms to help keep everything sturdy, so I think you'd be in pretty good shape as long as you make sure to anchor nicely to the wall studs. I've seen them at the larger hardware stores and big department stores, so they're more common (and less crazy-priced) than they once were.

                  EDIT: or you can aim for a flatter wall-mount and use it as an excuse to move to a larger TV-size since you can find 70"-75" TVs as low as ~$600 (cheaper than 55"s from several years ago). Could totally use the money saved from the cheaper $20-30 flat-mount toward the larger TV...depending on whether or not it would draw ire from a certain lady in your life.
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                    I mourn the passing of unfinished furniture stores, at least where I live. I have a very simple shelf unit I use for my equipment, maple veneer plywood with two adjustable shelves, wide enough for 2 stacks. Bought unfinished. The Ikea paper covered oatmeal stuff killed solid wood.

                    You should be able to find a low wide simple shelf unit of decent quality. Not necessarily designed as a TV stand.


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                      So, I found (on Parts-Express) a pedestal stand that uses the VESA mounting holes. I'm planning on using that similarly to how my last TV was set up until I can either buy or have the capacity to build what I really want. A $30-$40 investment seems like an acceptable interim solution.

                      I know I don't want to wall mount, and I really want something that works with the open-back midrange for the original Statement Center, and I might want it to be able to work with the Statement II center in the future.

                      I probably looked at hundreds of different TV stands, entertainment centers, etc. and the only one that really works well for something as tall as the Statement Center and dealing with it's open back midrange was going to cost well north of $1000. I looked at combining a small TV stand and a table above it, and it would work. It just costs something like $500-600, and I'd have to very carefully match the table and stand. Those options WITH the cost of the TV is just not something that I want to spend right now.