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Winter Project: Helios build...would you make it a 3-way and how?

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  • Winter Project: Helios build...would you make it a 3-way and how?

    I feel I have settled on building the Helios for a winter project. I am certain the Helios will be plenty for the small apartment space that I currently live in.
    However, I'd like to think ahead how to mate the Helios with a woofer cabinet and what finishes to use for the Helios. I would like to ask the community here what you would build to compliment the Helios.

    I have contemplated Mr. Bagby's 12" woofer for the Kairos and Continuum, GR Research's dual 12" servo controlled H-frames, AudioTechnology 10C77 (Troel's approach) or the 15" as seen in Vapor Sound's The Perfect Storm, SB Acoustic 12" with a down-firing passive radiator or something in a TL cabinet.

    The AudioTechnology drivers are too expensive but they have been on my radar for a while. I really enjoyed the midrange used in a previous DIY build Also, I don't want a cabinet as large as the 15" would need in a TL enclosure.

    Let's say you could spend $600 in drivers per cabinet, you could utilize a FusionAmp FA501 or another plate amp and the cabinet cannot be enormous, what would you like to build if you would? A second question I have is, if you would make the Helios a 3-way would you use an inline capacitor to the amplifier's input, add a high-pass filter to the WO24P or use a 2-channel FusianAmp?
    I hope this can be a fun one for all who would like to take part. Cheers and thank you for reading guys!

    **Thank you for Mr. Bagby for your contributions to the DIY community. Rest in peace sir and god bless. **

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    I would do Mr. Bagby's Kairos/Continuum woofer modules, 10" woofers. "small apartment space" says compact arrangement to me.

    Edit: You think the Helios needs more bass?



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      I would not make them into a 3way setup. There is more than ample bass from the SB woofer. Adding a sub for LFE on movies would be the extent that I would do.


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        Unless you just want the challenge of a 3-way crossover, I agree that adding a sub for the lowest bass is the wise move. If you were putting these in a big room, a 3-way might be better. As it is, I think the driver integration in your small room will be better keeping it 2-way.


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          Thank you for the replies you guys. My goal would be to keep what I build and move them into a house someday. I don't have many hobbies that cost much money so I'd like the speakers to be as good as the big buck stuff as well as looking the part to be the centerpiece of my living quarters.

          Floorstanders have always been appealing to me which is why I was considering turning the Helios into a 3-way design. I was thinking of building the Helios this winter and then the lower cabinet next year or down the line if I had the plans ready.