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    Crossover distortion in Class AB1 amps could be very well controlled as we single side bander Hams proved on our HF rigs and several well-known audio companies proved too. The budget solution of throwing tons of inverse feedback at a Class AB1 or AB2 amp to reduce distortion (and create other artifacts) is my comment about "spec sheet" amps. The almost infamous "Salvation Army Store" receiver/ turntables that just need power lamps/dial lights and a good de-cigarette de-smoking cleaning are so common and true, you can find good older stereo gear for almost nothing (sadly speakers are almost always blown or have gotten wet or both or have been kicked in by a drunk/druggey) I built my cousin that lives next door former roommate a pair of Classix II's and found him a TT and receiver at SA to go with them for $160 with a new Audio-Technica Cartridge for the TT and everything worked and sounded very good. Little 60-70 WPC Technics receiver (no remote) for $50, $30 Technics DD TT, $80 new Cart for TT and he was rockin' out. Plug his TV, Roku and DVD into it too. $12 Universal remote made everything work. Sam's happy as a clam in mud.