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Clearing out my last BF37 pair, feedback on this enclosure/port

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    ok, got my ports sorted, will print as one tomorrow. going to go a shared space, with 2x 7 x 15 both 140mm long. They are curved internally with flares on the rear.

    put a slant on the ends so they can print a bit easier as well. This will be printed on the short edge and the ends will be pushed fit and glued, but hopefully it will let me screw int he drivers first.
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      Wow, after a monster print session of 20hours on a school night*** after my slicing program told me a fib of 14 hours I have it complete with ports ..fingers crossed I got the driver mount correct.

      Now I'm chasing some advice of powering this. The amp can operate at 5v or 24v. So now the question is

      Do I power this off a singular 18650, step up module and provide a usb port for charging it....or

      Go the CR123's chargeable version x 3 with a no name Asian 3s BMS and provide a DC jack..or

      Just go the 12v DC jack

      Just unsure on the output at the moment as I think the 5v could be too low of an output, whilst the 12v battery option I haven't had much luck with and lastly the battery-less option would need me to carry the brick around.. decisions decisions

      Got the sides printing today and the base will wait for the weekend

      *** Not actually in school
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        Slightly bigger than the quarenteenee build in height and depth, but should be similar in length
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          I'm pretty sure 5v should be enough to push those drivers up near their XMAX/excursion limit for that box+port tuning. I think it'll fall a little short of the driver pairs' full wattage-handling, but not by much.
          Sounds easier to keep charged too. I always get a little worried about losing the charger when things need a barrel jack (mostly unimportant now that you can often find a universal barrel charger for $20-30 instead of $90, but a 2-5amp phone charger for $5-10 is still a little lighter on the wallet). The phone charger will also be easier to borrow if she takes the speaker to a friend's and it runs dead while she didn't bring a it's kinda one less thing to worry about carrying around with a portable.
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            Guess the best thing to do is try both. I think I have a step up wired to a battery holder in my kit already and boosted to 6.5v

            If there is minimal difference in the output I'll lean towards the 5v as I have a nice adafruit BMS/charge board and a spare panasonic 18650 but if it's half the output as it's almost half the power I may tend to go the other.


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              I can change out the side where I would design in with the DC jack (shown) or the usb connection. Plus depending on the outcome some charging lights may be needed and possibly and extension from the amp so I know it's on.

              Any issues with just soldering two wires onto the terminals for the onboard light that anyone can think of?
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