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hp spectre speakers sound issues

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  • hp spectre speakers sound issues

    I hope this is the right place to post this question here
    I've been having issues with my spectre's speakers for more than two months

    Whenever I am using WhatsApp on Spectre via Web WhatsApp Audio recoding notes are not heard even I have also tried this OG Whatsapp instead of Whatsapp and I've tried to update the sound drivers and tried returning to older drivers without any success.

    I even sent it for repairing and got the speakers replaced with a fresh windows install but the problem persists. I tried to download the latest drivers from hp's website but it doesn't seem to be installed when I look it in device manager. I tried to relocate the drivers by searching the whole computer and yet no solution!!

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    You are talking about the speakers built into the laptop? These things do not produce the full audio spectrum and never will, you need external speakers for that.
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      Definitely an unusual question for this forum... that's a PC technical support issue. Regardless... It sounds like you've done what you should, update drivers and what not.

      Does sound play through other sources?
      Is your Windows audio device for playback set to the internal speakers?
      Do other web pages play sound properly?

      If you're having Windows drivers or hardware issues, it should effect everything you try to play, not a specific web site. If that's the case, the hardware may be bad on the main logic board and you'll need to look into a USB sound card to get a working audio output. If it's just that website that has the problem, the issue is with the website not your PC.
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        +1. If the problem is specific to a site the problem is the site.


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          Is not using punctuation (and turn signals) a millennial thing? The OP is hard to read. What's Spectre?


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            Originally posted by dwigle View Post
            Is not using punctuation (and turn signals) a millennial thing? The OP is hard to read. What's Spectre?
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              Thanks to all of you for answering and my problem is also solved. The problem was in the speaker but it was in whatsapp when i cleaned the Whatsapp caches and then when i reinstalled it my problem was solved