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Waveguide Question Again

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  • Waveguide Question Again

    Hi Guys,
    First post here. I've been playing & tweaking Faital Pro 3fe22 on a Dayton 12 inch waveguide. Made lots of mods, tweaks & am getting decent results but also theres some honk on certain frequency.
    I know where it's coming from. As the Dayton is not a Conical horn & the flare isn't 90 deg, I've decide to build a conical 90 deg waveguide. As far as what I come to understand, a cut off frequency og 500hz
    will require a mouth diameter of around 14 inches diameter. Question pls what about the flare, do I start at 14 inches or do I flare say at 12 inches & make an almost circular & folded back or ???
    I seem to recall Dr Gedless saying folded back flares aren't good for CD wave guides. Would appreciate your kind advice & thoughts.


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    Use this:


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      A secondary flare or large round over at the mouth has been reported to reduce honk
      John H

      Synergy Horn, SLS-85, BMR-3L, Mini-TL, BR-2, Titan OB, B452, Udique, Vultus, Latus1, Seriatim, Aperivox,Pencil Tower


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        I am curious about your objectives for this driver in a WG. You mention a 500Hz. cutoff for the WG, are you only using the driver for above 500Hz.? What are you looking for in the higher frequencies? And how deep do you plan to make the WG?