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Upgrade? Peerless DX25BG60-04 vs Peerless DX25TG59-04 /Active Crossover-48db @1900hrz

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    Is there is recommended LCR for the XT25BG60?
    FWIW, the L-pad in front of the XT25 would be 5.6 ohms series (maybe up to 6.8 ohms) then 4.7 ohms parallel.


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      Originally posted by Wolf View Post
      All of the XT or DX are good tweeters if used correctly.

      I don't know who John Kuntz is either. Do you mean John Krutke? Yes- he measured a tweeter. He did not measure a tweeter plus xover network. Application matters!
      (If so this relates to your abysmal spelling and referenced names when it counts. I bet I saw D' Appolito misspelled about 10 different ways.)

      And yes- I heard it too- until I used an LCR!!!! I keep saying this over and over, as have others, and you are still stating incorrect information.

      With a proper xover consisting of SOME KIND OF Fs COMP, these are all acceptable forms of tweeter and perform admirably.

      Yah, I think he meant John Krutke, the problem is John Krutke measured the DX25TG"59", not the DX25 "BG""60" that we are all taking about here. I've noticed that previous poster and a lot of others making the mistake that John measurements refer to the "60" but they do not, they are the "59" a different unit.
      Anyway thanks again.


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        Originally posted by a4eaudio View Post
        I have the DX25BG60-04 in a 2-way with a 5" Tang Band woofer crossed over at 1800Hz with 2nd order electrical passive crossover and think it sounds great. It was demo'd at MWAF and DIY event at Grand Rapids and the general reception was that it sounded good. Doesn't answer your question of how it would compare to your current tweeter, but the DX25BG60-04 is quite nice.
        Yes, that helps.
        Really just wanted some feedback before I buy the DX25BG60's.
        It does sound like it might handle the current crossover frequency of 1900 better might even be comfortable lower. I am going to give it a try and spend the $.

        I will say again that the DX25TG59 has a great sound. It just gets stressed at really high playback volume with that 1900hrz x-over. Less than really high it handles it very well and is shockingly good for the little $.


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          Since you have an active setup, here are a couple tests you should try before buying a new tweeter. Play the songs you know can be an issue and turn OFF the tweeter. I've found woofer distortion can be tricky and sound like the tweeter being stressed. Another test is try LR4 or even LR2, just for a listen. If you compare slopes, yes the LR8 will be dropping much faster somewhere below the crossover, but just above it is feeding much more energy to the tweeter than the LR4 or especially LR2.
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