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Free crossover from inside speaker cabinet?

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  • Free crossover from inside speaker cabinet?

    I'm trying to free the crossover inside an old Boston Acoustics VR40 cabinet so that I can check the tweeter cap. First time at this.

    The crossover is assembled on a thin board that appears to be hot-melt glued to the back of the inside of one of the smaller woofer chambers. I don't quite know how to get a tool in there to free it as there is not a lot of clearance on either side to reach in and push on the board from the side.

    What's the simplest/safest way to free this board?


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    Chances are you have to remove a driver or two to access the inside of the cab.


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      Thanks for the comment, yeah I got access to the board by removing the woofer.

      The problem is that the board isn't attached with screws or an easily disconnected attachment device.

      As near as I can guess I would need to shock the board enough to break the hot melt holding it to the inside back wall of the cabinet.

      If I do that, I am concerned that I might break the wiring on the crossover network more than I need do.


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        Try a heat gun. Possibly from the outside, the backside of whatever surface the board is attached to, or direct into the interior. Hot glue doesn't need super hot temp to soften.


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          Excellent suggestion.

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        I've read that rubbing alcohol and acetone also work. I'd be careful to not dissolve the caps, though.


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          Ah, isn't it lovely, some of the sloppiest crossovers ever!

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            Try using a hot nichrome wire looped around the board and pulled through the glue.


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