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Looking for input on in wall 3 way configuration

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  • Looking for input on in wall 3 way configuration

    Just a quick overview of the build.

    Tweeter - Aurum Cantus AST 2560
    Mid - PRV 5MR450-NDY-8
    Woofer - PRV Audio's 10MB400

    They end up coming in pretty efficient at 95db when all put together.

    Crossover is active LR 48/db

    Tweeter - 4k to 20k
    Mids - 500 - 4k
    Woofers - 80 - 500

    Each channel will be supplied 2100 watts
    Tweeter - 500 watts
    Mids - 800 watts
    Woofers - 800 watts

    The center channel is build already and sounds great.

    The question i have for you guys is. What layout configuration of the left and right channel should i use. Keeping the tweeter at ear level is important but i have never seen many builds like the way i have the left speaker drawn up. Which layout do you guys think would sound better?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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    There's lots of MTMWW layouts, yours is just upside down. You wouldn't see any like that because you would either be laying on the floor or your speakers will be on a stand and about 8 feet tall to get tweeters at ear lelvel that way. Are you trolling? It is just upside down
    Center looks good as does the right WMTMW


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      So the way it sits in the picture the tweeter is at ear level. I like the way the left looks arounf the tv. In order for me to get the right tweeter at ear level the center and it would sorta t off. I am just wondering if the left will sound the same as a mtmww design being its inverted?


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        You normally get floor reinforcement of bass with that design.


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          It will have the same sound.

          Besides having tweeters at "ear level" ('cause dispersion falls off the further you're off-center - even more so in the vertical for ribbons), EYE prefer (secondarily) to have the dialog (mids & highs) SEEM to be the same height as the screen (I mean, people's speech usually comes from their heads (not below their waistline - ordinarily)).

          You must have subs then (and listen REALLY REALLY LOUD! - like over 120dB?) ?


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            Yup i have subs to cover the low end.

            The center hits around 110db in my seating area before i feel like i am pushing the tweeter to hard. I figured by adding the left and right i should gain another 6db or so. Around 120db was one of the goals of the design.
            Even at 110db the sound is very accurate and clean not harsh at all.
            Typically i would have to run everything to its limit to acheive the same level. Which at that point the distortion on everything goes up and it gets harsh. This setup my amps, mids and woofers are only running about half throttle. So they do that pretty effortlessly.

            As far as the tweeter height, this is more of a music setup than for movies. With that said where would the best placement of the tweeter be for music?


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              You do know about 110 dB is the threshold of pain? You want to put 800W to drivers that woudl latterly burst your ear drums with about 20? Your choice.

              Everyone suggests tweeters at ear level, but they forget to look at their off-axis response in both directions. Your center channel wil bring the on-screen focus to be the screen, not so much the mains.

              I might do the mids and tweeters as a D'Apolitto alignment. Woofers above or below depending on the space available.


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                Pain is subjective to the individual. I guess i have never experienced pain from loud clean music. I have experienced pain from loud distorted music.
                As far as those drivers they are seeing about 400 to 600watts to produce 110db in my seating area and i still have my ear drums
                Just because the system will make 110db does not mean i sit and listen to it that loud the whole time. But when i want to crank it up and feel like i am at live concert i can do that. Then i can turn it back down and it still sounds good.

                As far as tweeter placement. You are saying it really should not matter even when listening to music?


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                I thought of this, by Art Ludwig.

                Click image for larger version

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