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Amplification for Carmody's Amigas MT speakers?

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  • Amplification for Carmody's Amigas MT speakers?

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of building a pair of these: from a PartsExpress kit. These are 8Ohm, 83/84dB according to Carmody himself.

    I plan on using a Raspberry PI as a streamer so no need for that feature to be necessarily integrated. I would rather a decent integrated, possibly with sub- and/or pre- outs. Can you guys make any suggestions in the $400-500 or less price range? I'm ok with factory refurbs but would prefer to avoid used market.

    Another option is RaspberryPI+DAC hat, into a volume box such as a Schiit Sys, into a power amp. I think. But I don't know how I would ensure these would work together without blowing a speaker or a component...

    I have been looking at, in no particular order, Cambridge Audio AXR100 refurb, Allo Volt+D, Emotiva TA-100, IOTAVX SA3 refurb, Yamaha A-S501 refurb...

    If there is amore appropriate section for this post, please let me knowing I can repost there. Or feel free to move this post over.

    Thank you for your advice.

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    The iota gets good reviews on zero fidelity but I haven't heard it myself. Another amp he likes in that price range is the vista spark. Emotiva makes good quality gear (I do own some).

    I made a pair of amigas last year for my niece and paired it with a yamaha n303. Sounded pretty darn good to my ears.


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      Oh, denon PMA-600NE is another one that gets lots of rave reviews that may be worth exploring


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        You might find something on Craigslist if you live in or near a city. That requires research into the item.