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little 3d printed phantom look alike project.

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  • little 3d printed phantom look alike project.

    Guys, i've been designing up a smaller version of a failed passive radiator project, but instead of PR's going a pair of DMA45-4's (or the 8ohms version) which i picked up on the black friday sales. Not sure about what amp yet as a i have a few and what\how it will be powered yet. I have some of the sure 3S battery boards on the way as well as a 1S version mainly for a raspberry pi, but also from sure and needs a 26650 over a 18650. The combined availabe internal volume should be 0.032 cuft and tuned to approximately 90hz.

    Also have two openings that will take some PVC pipe with an external diameter of 22mm, which ends up being about 18-19mm internal.

    regardless of it being a 5v or 12v project, does the collective think that having two 1.5inch drivers firing outwards will be an issue as there isnt anything actually going forwards?

    I think i would prefer the lower footprint of the 1s setup with a small form class d amp and BT module and going the 5V route, but open to feedback.

    the wheels are in motion as well, with the internal body already printed as it was 12 hours. Sort of jumped the gun and got excited.

    Look, i'm under no assumption that this will shake walls or make the deepest bass that humans have ever heard, but if i can get a little bass and sit out at a BBQ or relaxing and its actually portable i will be a very happy man...even if i can use it in my gym at 4am and be able to train to it, thats a big old tick in my books. Currently i've been using the quarenteenie and its quite good, but after hearing about tomzarbo 's current radio builds using the DMA's i think i can potentially push them a bit harder than the BF37's and be happy.
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