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I inherited some 50+ year old Bose 901's. Should I bother?

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    Originally posted by billfitzmaurice View Post
    The thing is that Bose does line arrays, the Panaray series, back in the day and currently. They're only marketed for pro-sound, but there's no reason why they couldn't have made them for home use as well. Of course in true Bose fashion they've mucked those up as well. There's the right way, the wrong way, and the cheap way, and they always choose the cheap way, even though that's not reflected in their pricing.
    Like I said, they didn't get to be a massive rich company by spending money on frills like quality. You just can't be too cynical about consumer stuff.


    • Geoff Millar
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      There's a current ad for a small SUV which has alleged customers discussing it: "You know, the sickest (i.e. coolest) thing about this car is that it has a Bose speaker in it".

      Well, if that's the best thing that can be said about it.........

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    Originally posted by Shonver View Post
    Here's a recent review of the Bose 901 by a fellow DIY loudspeaker designer. I think his analysis is spot on.

    That description of what the speakers sound like reminds me of the old Onkyo receiver I had for a while, which had a button or setting called something like "All Speaker Stereo" among its bag of computerized tricks. As I recall, it sent power to anything connected to the speaker terminals, including the A and B mains. It was kind of fun, but really just a novelty.There were sounds coming from various directions which could, I suppose, be interpreted as a very interesting sound stage, but mostly I think it would have been good for loud parties. The receiver stopped working one day. Turned out to be a dead microchip that would cost more to replace than buying a new receiver with HDMI and other handy features.


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      All speaker stereo are standard on most AV Receivers with 5.1 channels and up. Its just 5 channels of stereo instead of 2 channel stereo. If set up correctly using DSP or what you call it a bag of computerized tricks it will sound way better then Bose used for good loud parties. lol