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cheapo Chinese headunit for kids setup

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  • cheapo Chinese headunit for kids setup

    Interesting little faceplate for a 5v setup, bluetooth has a bit of interference which could be due to running at 5v, but was going to use it for a kid who doesnt have any BT devices. Finally got a good use for the very very cheap micro PAM amplifier as well, which pairs well with this device.

    Honestly, if it was for me, it would drive me nuts as it is a bit clunky to navigate and turn the volume up and down.

    I have got something else coming as well, which is a Rapberry Pi Zero W with a Pimoroni Pirate Audio AMP hat, which sounds interesting enough (picture below)
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    I started seeing that headunit you linked to showing up a few months after this one on Aliexpress quickly disappeared.

    Click image for larger version

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    It is a metal-framed unit and has basically the same software as the one you have. I suspect it is the "Version 2.0" of the one I had. Those had issues... of the three I purchased, only one was totally noise-free, the one in the radio pictured above. They were sold both in metal- and black-finish and were promising, but just too noisy to be of use for anything we would give as gifts, even using a DC-DC isolating transformer. Shame, it was an attractive unit.

    I suspect they 'upgraded' the unit, different size and plastic frame? Even have kept the same remote control unit, I like that one a lot, uses AAA batteries and fits in the hand good. The new one has a more 4:3 aspect as opposed to the older, more widescreen appearance, but otherwise, very similar. How has it worked for you... pretty much noise free?

    It's big brother with a 4.1" screen, which I used in the other "Bantam Table Radios" had the same software interface setup, but worked much better with no noise, there are metal- and plastic-framed versions of that unit as well, but they look identical except for the material used.

    Hope it works well for you, is there a way to change folders on that one? All the other ones I've used you can only change track, not folders.

    That raspberry Pi thingy looks interesting too. Man, you're better than Consumer Reports for this stuff!


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