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Buzzing from a woofer

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    Just ordered a replacement driver. Hopefully the shipping backlog is cleared out somewhat from Christmas.


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      From PE? I've received two prompt shipments this month.

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    I've had similar sounds from a woofer, turned out to be the inductor on the woofer came into contact with a resistor. Did you remove the woofer to check the crossover before ordering a replacement?


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      I definitely confirmed that the woofer was not in contact with the crossover. Plus, if that were the case, I would think that when I switched the woofers, it would not have followed the woofer but have stayed with the cabinet. The replacement driver got caught up and I'm expecting it tomorrow.


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        I have a Hivi B4N, which does not have a dust cover, with a buzz. I did not drop it, and I installed it new out of the box. It is one of 4 B4N's going into a pair of Paul's Overnight TMM. It still buzzes when I switch it out with other B4N's. I can't figure out the cause, but to Parts Express credit, they are replacing it free of charge.