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Parallel tuned transmission line subwoofer

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  • Parallel tuned transmission line subwoofer

    Wondering if anyone has ever attempted to build a transmission line subwoofer with both ends open. I know various designs offset the driver partway down the transmission line creating a stub that help alleviate certain resonances. Bose does this in their Acoustimass subwoofers iirc. In the Bose wave radio however they use a "waveguide" for the 4in subwoofer that appears to be a T-line open on both ends tuned to seperate frequencies. Would like to experiment with this using the MCM 55-2421 but I am not exactly sure where one would start. Would you pick upper and lower tuning frequencies as if you were designing a parallel tuned 6th order bandpass? Would appreciate any advice, theories, wild speculations, ect.

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    Look up "paraflex" subwoofers - there's a FB group devoted to their design and build, and they qualify as the type of design that you're talking about.
    Brian Steele


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      Thanks for the information. I give partial credit to you and your multitude of build projects filled with useful information for elevating this idea to the research phase instead of it remaining an idle curiosity in the back of my mind.
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