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    PE launched a new site and the jury is still out for me. I'm sure it will grow on me.
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    Looks good to me. If you've ever tried to look something up on your phone real quick this is a HUGE improvement!
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      Pics seem nice and large, and it responds in a snappy fashion.
      It's tough anytime an online interface changes for me... where things are not where I expect them... but things can't get any better by staying the same, right?

      I'm sure there will be bugs here and there, but overall, it looks pretty nice!

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      Try finding a specific size crossover component, the sliders are horrible!

      The old way was much easier for me to navigate.


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        The new version of the site makes the computer version look like a giant mobile/cellphone site stretched to fit the screen.
        It feels a little slower to respond and load pages/changes as well.

        Agreed that the new XO part sorting is horrible compared to the old way.
        It looks like some usually common parts aren't even available, but I'm unsure if they're gone or if it's simply the website's sorting that's buried things or glitched them into a black hole. I guess there's also a slim chance that ALL those items happen to be sold-out and the website defaults to hiding sold-out items without a clear way to reenable them...but that seems dumb, so I hope that isn't the case.

        For example; try to find a 2.2uF NPE capacitor on the new site. You can find them when searching directly (about $0.53) but looking in the NPE capacitor section doesn't allow for sizes under 10uF or prices under $0.70 unless you're looking specifically in the "electronic part" section instead of the "crossover part" section.
        Small complaint, but really confusing.
        It also looks like some of the old organizing/sorting options (like sort-by-size/value for some parts) isn't you need to sort by price or something arbitrary (like reviews/ratings, lol).
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          The Privacy Badger browser plug-in totally breaks the new site from working - had to disable it.


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            The PE site flat doesn't work in my computer browser right now. It works on my phone, but I actually prefer the old site on my phone. The new site spends too much time loading with the spinning dots not letting me do anything.


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              I can get used to to new layout even though I feel it is a step back in terms of usability and function from a desktop, same as the last "website upgrade".

              However the new search function does not work for me at all. Before if you searched a specific component value (like 5.1uF) you would get results with those values. Now I'm getting just a bunch of random stuff (extension cords, heat shrink, etc.) and it looks like almost every capacitor value. Try and use more keywords to narrow the search results and you just end with a larger number of returns from the search.


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                wogg commented
                Editing a comment
                Searching 5.1uF without the space seemed to work, but I'm not sure if it's consistent on all potential capacitors. That search is something, I tried using double quotes, like in Google when you want all text exactly as typed but they've scrubbed that character out.

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              I have a big blob of code on my PETT start page. PC.


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                Is the only link to TT at the very bottom of the first page under community?


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                  Chris_Perez , or any other PE moderator / employee.

                  This is a particularly change adverse and persnickety crowd that would love to overload your web development team with opinions. Is there a method for that?

                  So far there's the above, and I'll vouch for those value range sliders on the crossover component pages being a pain. The long list of checkboxes was better, however an "Apply" button would be advised instead of it automatically refreshing to filter. That way you can select a few then apply, handy for any of the product list pages.
                  Electronics engineer, woofer enthusiast, and musician.
                  Wogg Music
                  Published projects: PPA100 Bass Guitar Amp, ISO El-Cheapo Sub, Indy 8 2.1 powered sub, MicroSat, SuperNova Minimus


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                    I don't mind the new layout/look, but agree that there's room for improvement. I'd suggest a "search within results" function that applies only to whatever's currently in the filter set. For example, you could follow the site links to the capacitor section, then "search within" for "5.1" to show all capacitors with "5.1" in the title.

                    I also agree that the sliders are hard to use effectively. Perhaps text boxes could be used to help with that? The sliders would be a coarse filter, but the user could manually enter a min and/or max value if desired.


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                      The new site seems fine to me but all my order tracking has disappeared ! "That page does not exist" is my tracking information.


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                        Originally posted by tyger23 View Post
                        It killed my cart. Ugh.
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