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    The home page is now sort of working in my computer browser. Most of the image links are broken, but there are enough working links that once I get past the home page I can browse products.

    I do like the new look. Easier on the eyes. Interface is a little slower - not necessarily clunky, just have to spend more time waiting between mouse click, spinning curser, and page load. But the page does load fully once navigation decides to catch up. Account is also slow to load. Still a few small issues to debug (product listings aren't always center justified; some product tiles are left justified and too tight to the cell). But I think it looks nice.


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      Finding crossover parts is just about unusable. Did anyone test the new site before it went live?

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        I'm sorry but I don't like it: on my laptop and PC (both Windows 7) it keeps freezing on either Firefox or Chrome, the 'refurbished and open box' seems to have escaped and I agree with Ron E about crossover parts.

        I'm in Oz so I tend to buy from PE's local agents, but I like searching for stuff and reading reviews.

        I also like to look at refurbished and open box for the occasional bargain, although I'm usually too late and they've been sold.

        Doesn't work well on my iPhone either.



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          I liked the old one and dislike the new one. However I had one and a half project parts list in my cart which is now gone(evaporated). Roughly $200 worth which I will probably not now spend anytime soon. So it has saved me money while I think about going back to my notes and drawings and second guess myself. What about the deal of the day as well? I have wasted good $$ before chasing them and ordering up to free shipping which is now double the old min. So n the greater scheme of things, it's probably for the best that they changed it. For me at least.


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            Originally posted by Audio Dude View Post
            ...What about the deal of the day as well? ...
            Now called Daily Deal, I see it in a light blue box on the right side of the screen, just below the scrolling banner.

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              Where did all the Electroyltic caps go??


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                Most of the smaller ones are hidden in the "electronic parts" section and won't show up in the Crossover section anymore.
                Took me a little while of manual searching to finally figure that out.

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              It feels slow, and less intuitive to me.


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                Driver spec sheets should be directly clickable on the driver page. Having to click on the "manuals & resources" tab each time is a bit dumb. I'm guessing a large fraction of people are going to look at the spec sheet of more drivers than they actually buy, so don't hide the pdf's away. $0.02