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What ever happened to those wonderful Audax drivers PE used to sell?

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  • What ever happened to those wonderful Audax drivers PE used to sell?

    I know I'm not that active here, but I've been around for many years in the DIY audio scene, since the early 90's to be more specific. And I remember desiring those beautifully French made Audax drivers with all their exotic materials and high price tags of course. But after I took a long break from home audio, I noticed several years ago PE stopped selling them. And I was shocked because those beautiful drivers used to fill the pages of PE's yearly catalogues. So I was just visiting several websites that still carry them and it got me asking this question.
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    Not sure about PE selling Audax, but Madisound was selling Audax in the late 20th century, and still does.
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      I'm pretty sure that AUDAX nearly completely left the "DIY" (raw driver) market (unless you're a manufacturer).
      The last ones I bought were the 8" carbon-fiber woofers (from madi, actually).


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        The Audax 1994 catalogue had over 265 pages of diy drivers ! Madisound still sells some Audax tweeters, full range
        and replacement voice coils.


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          I guess they went the way of Renault cars.

          I really enjoyed working with their woofers, though. Great bang for the buck, I think.
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            The aerogel drivers seemed interesting, but I never cared for the funny woofer frames. That would make me have to work harder to flush mount.

            But I do miss the days of having Audax, Dynaudio, Focal and Vifa(before they were ran into the ground) in the DIY community.


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              Mt first DIY in 82 was with Dynaudio 21W54and D28s. After almost 40 years those drivers are still hard to beat by today's standards. Alas, the foam rotted and the domes were pushed in once too many times by my young children and their friends. Anyway the Wavecore 30mm are pretty much a Dynaudio knock off which I really like. over 40years of hi-fi and DIY and I back to my collage days. Could be worse.

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            The heart of my mains is the Dynaudio D28 horn loaded tweeter. It's the only one I could find that could keep up with my 95db 1w spl.
            Very low fs. and no honking !


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              "The company AAC Applications Acoustiques de Composites, now owner of the Audax brand, has taken over the manufacture of certain models. "



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                What mid\midbass are you using? the Wavecor TW030WA12 is a good contender not that you need a change.