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Any Dayton Hi Fly Users?

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  • Any Dayton Hi Fly Users?

    Any Dayton Hi Fly users out there? I've used several different whole house audio systems but am looking at Dayton's WBA.xx series of components. I know that they have some distributed audio updates in the works, but I'm looking for a simple audio over wifi solution the doesn't require new wire runs (at least for now). I'm sure I'll order something to fiddle with, but before it gets here, I'm curious about a couple of aspects of the WBA28 and WBA31 (and the WBA40).

    Really, what's the difference between the WBA28 and WBA31 other than the price tag? They both appear to have very similar specs, but they don't list the same specs to compare, if that makes sense.

    They both say they can be used for multi-room audio using the Hi Fly app.

    Both say they can be used as an Apple Airplay Receiver. This is an important feature that has been missing form many small setups since Apple quite making the Airport Express.

    The WBA28 says it supports HiRes Audio. I can't say that I'm in to that, but I do use FLAC and ALAC rather than MP3.

    I'm sure somebody will pipe up and say "Call PE Tech Support. They can answer your questions". No offense to PE, but the last couple of times I've done that, tech support has basically read the item's specs to me from their website. I might not be the most literate cowpoke, but sometimes I can read good (and do other things good, too...).

    So I guess I'm looking for some more feedback form the forum if anybody is using these Dayton products. I will probably get an amplified WBA40 for one room, but it would be nice to have the WBA28 or WBA31 to use with an older receiver that doesn't have AirPlay built in.