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  • New Kit: Morel Ardon

    It looks like this kit is brand new and with new drivers too. If anyone builds it I'd love to hear their thoughts on it. It is their most expensive 'bookshelf' kit since it looks like it is priced individually.

    "Created from the ground up to provide accurate and detailed response, the Morel Ardon 2-way compact bookshelf speaker kit brings a new level of affordability to the premium audiophile speaker market. Designed by the engineers at Morel, the Ardon will encompass you with superb sound for an engaging, life-like music performance you will never forget. Capable of powerful and dynamic bass response, articulate midrange, and natural high frequencies… everything people expect from Morel's award-winning line of speakers."
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    Traditionally, even though Morel has used giant voice coils (in this case, a 3" - rated at 150w RMS), their woofers aren't as generous in regard to Xmax as some other drivers (4.5mm here), with this box model indicating an Xmax limit of about 30w down into the mid 40s. Not sure if that's why JB doubled up the woofers on the Solstice, but it's a possibility. Roughly 101dB @ Xmax.

    Also, a quick sim shows very little BSC, so the term "bookshelf" here SEEMs to be exactly what they're designed for, a bookshelf (might sound fairly "thin" if out from the wall on stands). If the FR plots are true, you MIGHT want to add a few ohms of resistance out in front of the HP section. YMMV


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      thank you for the very detailed analysis; I appreciate all the information. The Solstice is a dream build for someday.

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    Considering the price/performance it seems they have created a 'Morel Dilemma'.


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      And the award for the Best/Worst Pun of the Year so far goes to.....!

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    Originally posted by Steve Lee View Post
    Considering the price/performance it seems they have created a 'Morel Dilemma'.
    Oh man !!


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      I was looking at these but it's interesting that they don't have a lot of BSC (and with a -3db at 65Hz). Plus...they are 4ohm speakers in a cabinet that's deeper than it is taller.

      Seems like an odd niche speaker, but I'm not sure for who.


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        If you model the KW-1 in a flattish 1.something ft3 enclosure, it ends up blowing past xmax in the 70hz range with very few watts. The driver just really struggles for reach in the 70-80hz band with a fullrange tune. Case dimensions, an eyeball of the 2" port length and that midbass hump around 100hz suggest they shrunk the enclosure quite a bit to try to give it just enough power handling in the low end to hand off to a subwoofer. Even then, swag guessing a .4 ft3 enclosure (after subtracting brace and driver volume) and 55hz tune, and highpassing at 80hz for a sub, you're still hitting the xmax limit at 75w.

        One wonders if xmax is really that limited, and if it's not, this box doesn't make sense.


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          You can do better from a number of designs and kits. It's very disappointing that PE did not include a measured frequency response and/or distortion measurement at this price.

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            There is a frequency response in the manual.