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Down Firing Passive Radiator

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  • Down Firing Passive Radiator

    I had been under the impression that because of typically high moving mass, a down firing passive radiator would sag excessively, making it a generally bad idea, unless the dangling static mass was countered/supported in some way that would not excessively damp dynamic motion.

    Today I received a weekly clearance specials email from a longtime hifi gear mailorder house. I won't say who. The listing included a discounted demo unit of the REL Acoustics T9i 10_inch 300_Watt powered subwoofer. I have zero interest in buying that, but noticed that the seller describes it as having a down firing 10_inch PR and front firing 10_inch woofer.

    To me that seems like a bad idea, but what do I know.

    Just thought some might find that unusual variation provocatively interesting.
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    It's probably not as much a concern as with a driver, since there's no voice coil to be adversely offset.


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      I would guess you can design a PR to be down firing by pre-loading the cone upwards.