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Backyard box (spare parts)

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  • Backyard box (spare parts)

    I've got some odds and ends laying around and want a single box to use in the back yard for movie night. I have two of these I'm planning to put in a single box with two 1.3 cu ft chambers ported.

    I want to use two of these (because I have them)

    What would you do to make this work?

    The goal is to not spend more than ten bucks on this project.

    I already have materials and hardware.

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    Why the single box? Assume you would prefer movie night to at least be in stereo?

    Apparently that tweeter doesn't require a crossover, its roughly matched to the woofer in terms of sensitivity (90 ~ 91db). The woofer is supposed to have useable output up to 5K - but I don't see any measurements or charts for either driver.

    Given the usage and requirements here I'm not even going to start talking about proper crossover development and all the considerations that come with (some others might respond with all of that included). So at the end of the day, practically, my advise would just be to make two separate boxes put the drivers in and take a listen. If what you hear suits outdoor movie night - job done.

    If its too bright and nasty you could add a first or second order crossover the woofer to roll off its top end (@ 2Khz ish) and a single resistor to the tweeter to bring it down a couple of db.

    If you have the capacity to take measurements etc then advise can be a little more scientific.


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      Thanks! That's the kind of input I needed. For whatever reason I didn't think of using a resistor for the piezo. I've never worked with piezos. I have a drawer of inductors I may try if I don't like letting it run wide open.

      I'm going to build a single box with a divider. Each side will have one woofer and one tweeter. The main reason is totabillity. Easier to lug around and store away and fewer wires. I'll mount the amp inside like a boom box kind of thing.


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        perhaps consider a design that allows you to separate the speakers into two when you set it up but "clip" them back together when you want to store it away?


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          Yeah, that's the ticket.