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REW low mic volume issue ?.

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  • DeZZar
    I had an issue a while ago that continued to spiral down completely different trouble shooting paths until I realized that it was actually a faulty microphone that intermittently measured bass frequencies somewhere like 20-25db below where it should have. I only found this out after trying another microphone.

    It was a brand new dayton mic. It might not the case in your situation but its worth checking if you have the capacity to try another microphone.

    I'll put it this way - its least likely that the software just suddenly stopped working with all things being equal.

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  • a4eaudio
    Is the actual audio signal coming out of the speakers "really" low, or is it a normal volume level that REW only "thinks" is low?

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  • jackyjoy123
    started a topic REW low mic volume issue ?.

    REW low mic volume issue ?.


    I've been using REW happily for the past 18 months, but today it decided to go haywire on me.

    "Very low signal level on measured"

    I was using it last night just fine, but when I started it up today, it throws this error.

    Here's what I've done to try to remedy it, without success:
    1. Held the mic at numerous distances from the driver and at different amplification levels
    2. Swapped out USB cables on the UMIK-1
    3. Deleted all settings in REW and restarted it
    4. Installed a new version of REW with a new version of JAVA Runtime Environment
    5. Changed the levels on the "Control input mixer/volume"
    6. Ran Windows Update and restarted to see if there was some audio driver setting that might have changed

    Thanks for any help sorting this out and please don't hesitate asking for more setup questions if it helps you suggest any other solutions.

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