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T-B W3-2141 measuring way off spec - anyone else used this driver?

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    Originally posted by zx82net View Post
    This is a gated measurement of a W3 2141 in a ~2.5l enclosure. I purchased the driver about 18months ago from PE.
    Thanks, this is a helpful reference. Seems like similar results, give or take based on smoothing and gate. How disappointing. Well, let's see what this turns into I guess!
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      Welcome back Chris.


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        Updated original post with T/S parameters as well. Fs seems to have gone up since I last measured, but gave them more break-in. Impedance went down, but possibly due to more careful attention to calibration; I went through the whole process fresh this time. Re is still quite a bit higher than spec, as is Fs.
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          Just noticed these drivers were used here:

          Although a detailed response isn't posted you can see at about the 6:30 mark when measurements are taken they end up very similar to the ones shown above in Post #14.

          Same 1-2K hump, drop off and then twin peaks up over 10K. They don't show the same sharp increase around 3K though.

          In any case a fairly challenging little driver to get a smooth response from.


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            If an established manufacturer like TB is making drivers that are mostly going to be used in hardcore applications with serious users, with measuring equipment -- those who end up posting threads like this -- why would continue they publish specs that are so far off?

            Surely the black marks would add up, no?

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