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  • Caps doubt

    i'm designing 3ways loudspekaer and the choice of caps is between jantzen standard z cap or claritycap esa.
    do you tried them?
    what are your impressions ?

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    I've used plenty from the Jantzen range and have always been really happy with them, standard caps included.

    I haven't tried any clarity caps - but realistically, there isn't anyone out there that could actually consistently identify either of these two brands using equivalent caps in blind listening tests. Go with whichever one is cheaper/easier for you to obtain.


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      I have always used Dayton caps in my builds, and been very happy with them. Recently I tried an A/B test with Dayton in one setup, and Clarity Cap CSA in the other. The difference to me was totally apparent. The Clarity's were smoother and more detailed.

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        ok but csa is in another league


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          Yeah big difference between Dayton standard caps and Jantzen/CSA - but between Jantzen & CSA in equivalent form - I would challenge anyone to pick them!!