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  • Help With Crossover

    Trying to put together a FAST design using this subwoofer: and this mid tweeter:

    Not much on crossover designs. In fact kind of a clueless clown.

    Would greatly appreciate anyone giving me any help. Even a beginning point which I can adjust by ear.

    Box is about 5 liters, ported with a 6 inch wide baffle (about size of Overnight Sensation box)

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I really cant hep you with a cross-over design but I am a bit impressed by your selection of drivers as they look like they should be fairly easy to integrate due to the flatness of the full range driver's impedance and response.

    You are going to need a separate enclosure for that full range driver since it is open backed.

    Have you tried using WinISD to come up with an enclosure design for these two drivers yet?

    That's where I would start.


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      So, the FR likes about 50 (sealed & stuffed, which COULD be a 4" long hunk of 4"id PVC /or/ 7" of 3"id PVC - or cardboard) leaving about 0.14cf for the 5" w/a 1-1/2"id x 8" long port, which should make it into the upper 50s.

      You could TRY running the woofer wide open w/just a 10uF series cap and an L-pad on the 2" with SR/PR (series & parallel resistors) = 3n/ & 10n(ohms),
      You could go 2nd order HighPass w/a 15uF series cap, a 1.0mH shunt coil (to ground), and the "L" SR/PR = 2n/8n (prob. have to go reverse polarity on tweeter)
      Then I'd go 1st order w/a Zobel on the woofer: 2.0mH series coil, and Zobel = 6ohms + 22uF.

      They'd both run around 80dB w/nearly full BSC. The simpler XO crossing near 2kHz, and the higher order around 1200Hz.


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        I'd try Chris's 1st enclosure and 2nd crossover suggestion 1st as they (combined) have the lowest parts count and would balance the FR SPL against the woofer.


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          Thanks Chris. You are the best.

          I have the FR in a sealed container using a an extra plastic container I got BBQ sauce in when I had carry out BBQ.

          I will try the more complex one and enlarge the sub enclosure I have for the FR.