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Where to pick up a 9-1/2” to 10-1/4” dustcap

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  • Where to pick up a 9-1/2” to 10-1/4” dustcap

    I’m looking for a large dustcap, I was thinking of calling PE, but doubt they’d have one. So I lived about 3 minutes from someone who works for Tymphany. He said he does a lot of the driver design and prototyping for them. He also has close ties with TC sounds, I know this to be true as I have several boxes addressed to Thilo Stompler, plus he has dozens and dozens and dozens of TC drivers and parts (I got some pretty cool Frankenstein TC drivers from him). Anyways, he gave me a Peerless STW-350F. He decided to move and prior to moving he asked if I wanted to come over and take some stuff he didn’t want to haul half way across the county.

    One of the drivers was a driver that he said was one of the prototype to the STW-350F. It’s a 13.5” (measures 14” across), he mentioned they weren’t entirely sure with all the mass, excursion, and coil size that they would have the cone control they were looking for so they made it 13.5”. Once they saw that had more than enough linear excursion control they stepped it to 15”. Hopefully I’m remembering that correctly.

    Anyways, the dustcap has been pushed in/creased and I’d like to replace it. It’s the same size as used on the 15” woofer, but it looks like they may have trimmed the outer mounting flange to get it to fit. The dustcap dome literally meets with the surround.

    Any clue where I might find one?


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    Going to be hard to find - pretty specialised item at this size.


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      Thanks, I figured it would be. The link you sent would be pretty darn close.



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        Perhaps you could affect a repair on the dustcap? Pop it back in to shape with a customer tool (coat hanger) or a few expertly placed incisions and vacuum cleaner, then dope it? There so much moving mass on those driver to begin with that a little bit of hardenable resin or CA glue should make a huge difference..