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Dayton DATs v2 issues

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  • Dayton DATs v2 issues

    Anyone has any thoughts on how I could resolve the following issue (see attached image):

    Everything is fine when I performe "Test Lead Calibration"; however, when I can get the "Impedance" calibration to work.

    Every time I measure the 1Kohm resistor provided, I get the attached measurement. The software is DATsV2 and the hardware is DATv1 - they are compatible. The operating system is Windows 10, volume = 50 per instructions.

    Click image for larger version

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    Those "guys" at MS turn my wife's notebook on/off EVERY single day. Seems like there's NO way to circumvent "automatic updates" anymore (not w/being plugged into the web all the time). Anyway, that could be the source of most of your trouble.

    I'd monkey around w/that volume setting (try "1", 50, and 99). Also, be SURE your settings haven't been altered (by MS !) from "stereo" back to mono, and that the correct sampling rate is set. ALSO, sometimes mine works "wonky" (like yours) one day, and is fine the next. PITA - but I love my DATS.


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      I can’t remember which but mine only works right with the volume either real high or real low, like 2 or 98, both those numbers seem familiar for some reason


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        It's probably a volume thing. BTW, you can change the background color in the view tab so you can see the traces.