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A driver that MIGHT go a bit louder and lower than the Dayton TCP115 in 4 or 5L is?

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    I liked the DX20 and thought it sounded way better than the price would indicate. I would not cross it lower than 3K.
    John H

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      Originally posted by squib View Post

      I was thinking the same, but the mounting options could be a big PIA. If using the the Peerless 830855 and assuming you wanted the front of one cone facing out from the baffle, you would have to have a deep little enclosure. It doesn't appear you could nest the large magnet of the outer driver in the cone of the rear driver. That means a total depth of about 7.75 inches from the front baffle to the rear of the second woofer magnet.

      I've been looking at options for PC speakers and thinking that they MIGHT be the opportunity to try an isobaric design. Without a shallow basket and magnet, it always seems to require sacrificing more internal volume for the space in between the drivers than is justified by halving VAS. I expect there's a driver/enclosure option that could make sense, but I haven't stumbled onto it yet.
      I drew up the tcp115 in a isobaric config (a bit sloppy but sort of accurate) and actually got the volume to just 3 litres in total cabinet volume, the chamber between the drivers and the extra driver ads less then a litre of volume according to my 3d modell. But then maybe a PR is required or you need to add space for the port and then it might not make as much sence. 2 x TCP115 plus a PR per box, still not a very expensive driver...
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