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Fountek Ribbon tweeters!

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  • Fountek Ribbon tweeters!

    Where have all the Fountek ribbon tweeters gone? Are new models being released? Is P.E. getting out of the Fountek ribbon tweeter game?

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    I think you'll find it's not just at PE....
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      Don't worry.. you can still get RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!
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      • hongrn
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        Only rich people who sell $150K speakers can afford RAAAAAAAALLLLLLL...

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      Look for a Fountek RD1.0 Ribbon Tweeter. It appears to be an improved version of the CD1.0 with a slightly smaller faceplate. I thought PE had them but I can only find 3 Fountek drivers here tonight and the RD1.0 isn't one of them.

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        That company in Wisconsin has the RD 1.0 and CD 1.0,.
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        • Ron_E
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          They don't have the CD1.0. I ordered a pair recently and they canceled the order and refunded my money. They do show the RD1.0 in stock.