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Thoughts on this small PC speaker desktop build.

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  • Thoughts on this small PC speaker desktop build.

    I'll be moving on from the other post, my thoughts on a build is this at the moment, I've really wanted to try the Passive Aggressives, but just cant afford the cost to get the kit down under, so time to think on my feet. I have one ND65-4 driver, so was thinking the phantom clone turned out really well using the ND90 passives, that maybe a small build using its big brother MIGHT be a viable option.

    So picking a ND65-4 full range in a 0.05cuft enclosure using 1x ND140-PR (using both provided 18.5g weights), should mean that we have a F3 around 58hz. The box itself will be 3d printed slanting back 8 degrees, hopefully pointing the driver towards my chin/seating positing. Something i was considering was using some 6mm timber and cutting out some inserts to sit over the large passive as the very rough AutoCAd image shows. I have some bits and bobs from the gorilla boombox build, which one being the ND65 driver and some components from the BSC (still need to remember what parts i have from other builds) which might be able to be recycled to make a crossover or filter of some sort.

    I'm not 100% on the design quite yet and if the driver and the PR can fit in the arrangement shown, but at the moment this is looking like it will be around 190mm high, 80mm wide and 150 deep (external), which still seems a little big, but sort of needed to house a passive on the side of that size....

    so......thoughts that im interested in;

    - reckon i need a tweeter
    - can the ND65 actually move a 5inch passive
    - just go with 1x ND105 passive and take the reduction of hz. (gold line)
    - pull the ripcord and pull something else.

    I know i could go ported with this driver and probably get similar or better results in WiniSD, but at the moment i'm thinking of aestics and not minding buying two passives. I also have two of the Peerless 3.5inch passives, but always have a very hard time getitntg anything decent out of a model, which i think is due to them having a FS of 29hz.

    Other drivers i have one of and just sitting there are, Peerless PLS-P830986-4 (3inch), Dayton Audio ND90-4 (3.5inch), 2x Peerless 830985 (2inch) and prefer not to pull them apart but 4x TEMB65's. My end goal is to get something cost effective to Australia, in something significantly smaller than my current TEMB65 build, potentially stand alone without a separate sub/woofer and recycle some parts where possible. Currently happy to spend an additional 100 AUD getting the extra ND65 and 2x 140 passives, but not keen on spending over 300 AUD getting the Passive Aggressive kit shipped here.

    Please tell me what you think, honestly as i can take it, possible similar small suggestions that i would like as i can pretty much design anything to print or even woodwork.

    legend (GREEN TEMB65 build vented, 0.17cuft, BLUE ND65 1xND140-PR 0.05cuft +37g, GOLD ND65 1xND105-PR +7g 0.05cuft, MAGENTA ND65 1xP830878-PR No added weight 0.05cuft.)
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    Just so happens I have something the same height, depth and 10mm wider than what Ive mentioned in a phantom clone she'll I didn't use. You can see its between a quarter to a third the size of my current setup,. although that had an internal volume of 0.07cuft.
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      This one might be dead in the water before it even started.....I put the phantom perched up towards my ears and synced it to the pc and then ran some.tests using using the tv audio, tebms and it to see how the smaller FR would go...let's just say I have a lot more work on my hands...the Tebm sounded fuller and clearer which is probably due to being BMRs and sitting higher, but I'd say if I built the above I would be disappointed. I know I'm comparing a.stereo.setup against a tv and mono,.but there was just something missing.