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WAY OT - 'Oldspkrguy' on DIYAudio Forums . . .

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  • WAY OT - 'Oldspkrguy' on DIYAudio Forums . . .

    Can any of you put me in direct touch/communication with the subject guy?

    (I have been permanently banned from that site for posting something political seeming a year ago - [pointing out reality/data/facts] and they are such an inhumanly moderated site that the only way I can get back-on is to become a new member with a new email account/IP address and refuse to help me become unbanned, so I have decided they are not worth my effort/contribution over there).

    The guy is a bit of a heretic concerning speaker building by today's standards but I found him to be worth listening too and enjoyed his posts but he has just dropped a bomb stating he has stage-4 cancer of the brain and stomach.

    I cried out loud and prayed for him tonight and want to touch base.

    Can anyone here of good standing on that site get me directed to him?

    Thanks guys, I'm so sick of dealing with bots and ******** on the WWW - just want to extend my appreciation and condolences to him if possible without becoming a fake entity to satisfy the small-minded inhuman minds that moderate the system over there.


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    Well I checked and unfortunately for the OP of that thread it states: "Account disabled at member's request". So I can't even PM on your behalf :(

    Perhaps someone else might know him and have another way to reach out.


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      Thanks for the effort and favor of your reply, DeZZar - I absolutely despise the lack of humanity of the WWW and likewise the inhuman behavior of those using it as a medium to torture others.

      My best wishes and heartfelt prayers to Oldspkerguy.


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        Very sorry to hear this. I didn't realise that was him because he changed his username to 42476.


        • DeZZar
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          yeah unfortunately that's what happens when the account is deleted/disabled

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        Oh I see.


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          There are a similar user name here, might try searching some user names.
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            Wow- I just posted my 2c over there. I wondered why he'd been so adamant or thinking everyone was automatically disagreeing or not listening to him. Brain cancer can do awful things to the mind.
            Either way- his submissions will be missed as I found him quite entertaining.

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