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Comprehensive DIY-kit comparison tool.

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  • Comprehensive DIY-kit comparison tool.

    I've started what I hope might be a valuable resource for those comparing speaker kits. The table is sortable and searchable. You can use it to immediately compare kits based upon size, cost, brand or model of drivers used, and others.

    Unfortunately the searchable and sortable table can not be inserted in a forum thread because of the html coding required but you can view it here.

    Please take a look and let me know what other data points might be of value? I'm open to suggestions. What is important to me may be different than for you. In my "master-file" I have other data points not posted but have limited what's posted to make it easier to view while I improve some of the formatting. Table is much easier to navigate in desktop browser vs mobile.

    Currently about 70 models included. I have data for almost 30 more (mostly high$$$) that will get added. Feel free to message me what you want to see added. If this is something that others find useful I'll keep working on it. If nobody finds value in it than that's fair also, so let me know.
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    Placeholder only for other info as needed.


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      Pretty limited selection....
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        Great start, I've always thought something like this would be helpful. Having links to builder's threads would be useful as well.


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          At least three diy kit sources will assemble crossovers for the buyer. That's pretty convenient. I don't know if your goal is to compete with these sellers or just be a source of information, but good luck.

          Designer and kit source should be included, I think.


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            That's helpful. I do have designer recorded, and have a link for each design. It will not be hard to turn those columns back on. I will do so with the next update, probably Thursday. Table will also have another 30 designs or so added by then.


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              From a UX perspective (sorry I cant help it I'm a software engineer for my real job) the table really needs a filter. You need to be able to select say 6.5" for the woofer and '2-way' for the style for instance and have all matching designs shown. If you think about how people would be using this they are likely to be looking for a design that meets a few key criteria. That criteria is likely to be an overall design principal (bookshelf, floor standing) followed perhaps by size and output capabilities (6.5" woofer, under 3ft tall, ported/sealed).

              Think along the lines of how you might start looking for a woofer to use on parts express - you select the criteria that's most important and the more criteria you select the narrower the list of candidates your shown.

              By implementing a separate filter you wont really be bound by the columns on display, you can offer and cover more criteria, present a summarized list in a table and perhaps show more detailed information once the user clicks on one they are interested in (perhaps a pop-up with more detail or an expanded inline section showing the balance of the details).


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                I haven't looked at your link yet (sorry), but PE's (now nearly defunct) "Woofer Selection Guide" had sortable columns.

                What EYE did, was to copy/paste all that into my own spreadsheet, then I could sort all data (for example) by the "Vented cu. ft." column.
                Once sorted (say I had an existing box that was 0.25cf), I could then select all boxes in a size range between 0.20 and 0.35 cu.ft., then just sort THAT chunk of the DB by (say) "decreasing F3" to find a woofer that might go the lowest in my (0.25cf) box (possibly w/a few mods, like tuning). Just my thoughts.


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                  The website LOOKS really nice, well designed. Another suggestion related to some comments above is to have consistent descriptions. For example you have "Tower TM" and "MT" as two different descriptions. I would at least change the "MT" to "TM". But I wonder if it is more helpful just to have "2-way" and "3-way" as basic types.


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                    Originally posted by a4eaudio View Post
           have "Tower TM" and "MT" as two different descriptions. I would at least change the "MT" to "TM". But I wonder if it is more helpful just to have "2-way" and "3-way" as basic types.
                    How would you differentiate between designs that place the midrange above or below the tweeter? Those are not same.

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                      All great feedback. I will try to add a filter. Thank you DeZZar.

                      I agree with you on the value of additional data specific to the woofers utilized. However, the possible data is endless and I am trying to meet the base level inquiries. This forum and others are filled with users of great expertise and knowledge and its easy to let that skew our perception of the "average" DIY builder. The data I'm compiling is not targeted to comparing woofers but is limited to comparing existing DIY designs, where custom cabinet volumes or F values are not the primary focus. Feel free to correct me but it is my experience that the "average" builder will make their initial sort of DIY kits based upon factors such as price, size, format (tower vs bookshelf). Once they have identified designs that fall within their budget and size restrictions, they can then do their own diligence on researching those specific options including woofers utilized. I hope to have design links added to each listing tomorrow.

                      I have tried to keep the nomenclature consistent. "Center" and "Tower" are stated as such. If no indication, than default would be bookshelf or stand mount. For TM vs MT I have tried to stay consistent with their orientation on baffle. I haven't found an official naming convention but the most common I see is bookshelf and standmount are referenced bottom to top (MT has M below the T). Less clear with towers but most common appears to be top to bottom (TM has T above M). Not perfect but I'm trying to stay consistent as JRT alluded to. It's possible that some errors may exist but I'm doing my best to maintain accuracy.

                      I value the input. Tomorrow I plan to have more designs added as well as 2 additional columns for designer name, and a reference link to the design.


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                        As a fellow full time employed, family having, part time DIY and WordPress hack... I applaud your efforts!

                        I think a low end F3 would be useful for project selection, but I doubt that measurement is available consistently across kits. You know what would would be cool?... an AJAX style detail pop up with all the fields when you click a project name, designer and link would be easier to put in there instead of trying to display too many long columns. I'm not sure what your PHP skills are, I couldn't do that myself and I definitely don't recommend loading your WordPress site up with plug ins due to security concerns.
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                          Originally posted by JRT View Post
                          How would you differentiate between designs that place the midrange above or below the tweeter? Those are not same.
                          My question would be, what are people looking for when choosing a design/kit, which I don't assume to have the answer . Are people looking broadly for a 2-way or 3-way and then looking at the choices, or have they already decided early on for something very specific like TM, MTM, TMM, TWM, MTMW, WMTMW, etc. Does having a lot of detail/choices make the filter less useful or not? (I'm not saying it does, just posing the question.)


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                            A picture is worth a thousand words.

                            And at least one design, cjd's RS150 MTM, use NLA woofers. I scrounged some up used for my front three HT project. NLA drivers are a real problem for DIY designs.


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                              You are correct. Since I am not a web-designer, it is very challenging and I have to learn each new task as I proceed. Even with some plug-in assistance, simple tweaks to web-page formatting are complicated. especially when considering different browsers as well as mobile phone and tablet formats. I'm pretty software savvy but am learning quickly how complicated and expensive web-hosting and design can be.

                              There is no way to accommodate every request for a data field or search-ability, as the table would just become too large and inefficient. With DJG's suggestion I played with adding a fairly small photo-thumbnail but it changes the table from 20 designs per page to about 7. For now, I will prioritize adding a column for designer name and a column with an external link. Possibly I can embed the link into the design name without adding a column.

                              I am taking other suggestions under consideration but I will have to be cautious and de-prioritize certain data elements to preserve usability, especially for data elements that may not be available for all designs.

                              NLA drivers of course will be a problem, complicated with renaming of drivers that are otherwise claimed to be identical. When searching each design for cumulative driver prices, if I find components NLA than I'm omitting that design from the table.

                              Once this table is temporarily complete there are also some other resources and links I wish to compile and share also.
                              I am still debating separation of published designs from those that are unpublished and only obtained through purchase from the designer or retailer. Currently, I have entirely separate tables that I have not posted that contain unpublished designs, and another for open-baffle and one-off designs.

                              I am deliberately avoiding subwoofer-only designs for now, and doing my best to remove and avoid designs with NLA drivers. I have also postponed for now some of the exotic and very high-dollar designs or those with drivers not normally available within the US.